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Tate Brothers Pizza

Pizzaguy101 - Horrible service and mng. Delivery times about 1.5-2.5 hours depending on how busy it is. Total lack of consistancy and quality. All pre-made food you just heat up and serve. Kinda reminds me of strip club food without strippers. Avoid at all cost and just hit CBD's or WestShore Pizza.

BBQ King

Savvy1 - I recently dined at Bar-B-Que King and was pleased beyond measure. I ordered a rib tray (center cut) with baked beans and potato salad. My husband ordered a 1/2 chicken plate (white meat)with yellow rice and collard greens. Everything was impeccable. It was the best Sunday dinner we've ever had on a Thursday night! A must try!


deucederringer - Anyone remember when the food at Hooters was actually "good"?! Well, I recently visited the Channelside Hooters,treating my Mom to lunch. For Starters,we were sat at a booth that had to be cleaned off after we were seated. Then after about a 5 min wait we placed our orders for two iced teas. Then it gets steadily worse. I had to walk up and ask the hostess to locate our waitress "Kourtney" (#47) after she disappeared form more than 10 minutes. So she is found,then arrives to take our order. Another 15 minutes and we get our food. Basically everything was overcooked and dry. Our entire visit she never asked how we were doing. I had to let her know that we were done,trying to speed her up and asked for a to-go container. We both ate less than half our meals. Which as we all know are Inflated prices. I will say that I always tip at least %20 and this time I was so disappointed that I left nothing in hopes of sending our lousy waitress a message. I usually don't write reviews unless I am either very impressed or completely dissatisfied. I have my receipt # and exact details of our visit if you doubt this reviewers sincerity. Take my advice skip this location,you will save yourself some grief and disappointment.

Daily Eats

barbuck2010 - I had lunch at this supposed recession priced restaurant on Howard Avenue in Hyde Park. I looked at the menu and everything was priced at $9.99 for lunch which I thought was a little bit pricey for a "less than attractive" and "diner like" atmosphere. I ordered a open turkey sandwich along with a side dish and a drink. The food was less than acceptable, turkey came with some kind of gravy which tasted like it had a beef base to it. I was never asked how my meal was and never offered a refill on my drink. I left very disappointed in the meal, paid $11.79 including tax and left a $2.00 tip begrudgingly and will NEVER return. There are too many restaurants out there that give better quality lunches for a fairer price for me to go there again. VERY POOR and too expensive for this economy even for HYDE PARK.

Paninoteca Mediterranean Cafe

mlclark3 - Amazing food at great prices, what more could you ask for? Open for lunch and dinner, this modern cafe offers inside and outside seating in a relaxed atmosphere. Offering tapas plates, salads, and paninis Paninoteca prides themselves on freash homemade food! Dont forget to try the roasted garlic and greek feta dip served with warm pita bread and famous baklavah.

NYPD Pizza of Channelside

thesilentblade006 - I agree with susan63 the service was pathetic. Now my experience wasn't nearly as bad as susans though. When me and my dad first got there there was no "hello welcome to NYPD" or anything that made me feel welcome just "dine in or take out" we sat and and she asked what we want to drink in this monotone "I wish I were somewhere else" kind of voice. We ask our server how long a pie takes to make because we have to catch a movie in a half hour, she tells us 15 min so we ordered sandwiches because we figured they shouldn't take too long to make so I ordered the meatball parmesan and my dad ordered the eggplant parmesan , well we were wrong, it took 15 minutes, and she couldn't even remember who ordered which sandwich WE WERE HER ONLY GUESTS!! and she brought my dad a chicken parmesan and when he tells her that it wasn't what he order she asked "well is it ok anyway" and my dad tells her no and to take it back because he doesn't want it any more and he doesn't want another one because we only have 10 minutes so she takes it away and comes back 2 minutes later to say they're making his replacement sandwich right now. Now you might think I'm being too nit picky about the time but firstly there were only 2 other people in the restaurant and they were finishing their food when we walked in plus these sandwiches were basically bread sauce meat melted cheese I could make it in five minutes and I know they could because they made the replacement in 5 minutes. Both me and my dad finished our soda and she never even offered a refill, at that point my dad just asks for a box we pay and leave. This server had the same monotone "wish I was somewhere else" voice and expression that she started with the entire time we were there, I can honestly say that's the first time I've ever left less than 20% tip and I'm also a server and I'm usually pretty forgiving but that kind of service is unacceptable especially when the restaurant is empty. Overall the taste of the food was good the bread they used was very nice, I feel though it was a bit over priced. So in summary, decent food if a bit expensive for what it is and very bad service.

Cafe Hey

hongkongwillie - The cafe with great food, and great ATMOSPHERE, great art

Bamboozle Cafe

joelyv - The food is super good. Very healthy and FRESH! I eat there very often and I love all the different choices! I still favor the spring rolls!

NYPD Pizza of Channelside

susan63 - My first experience at NYPD pizza @ channelside. Went with boyfriend & his friend. We were told to sit in the back where there are small booths. I had to use the bathroom but wanted to order first so I pulled a chair up to the small (sits 2 comfortably, 4 not so much) booth we chose. 1st thing waitress says to me is not "Welcome to NYPD pizza" or something inviting to that effect, but was "We normally don't allow you to do that but tonight I don't care". We order and I get up to go to the ladies room. It is locked. I'm standing there waiting for someone to come out and the waitress says "We have the ladies room locked now, but you can use the men's room". There are 2 guys in line for the MEN'S room so I go back to the table to wait (the entire time we are there, there is a line for the MEN'S room, mostly people coming in from out on the street). PS(I see her later take a key back from a female who mentions the ladies room i.e., she could give a friend a key). We order sodas & slices and our friend orders just a slice. She asked if he wanted a soda and he said no, I'm fine. She says "Oh, so you're just gonna wash that slice down with your own spit". We get our pizza (I moved to the booth and put the chair back) and I saw the cheese pourers on a stool like two steps away from our table. I got up and grabbed one and asked the waitress standing there doing side work if it was the cheese. She grabbed it out of my hand and said "We aren't using those any more tonight, I'll have to get you some packets. We have to put those in the cooler at a certain time of night". My intention was to walk two steps, pour some cheese, and put it back. She brings the packets and then abt 2 minutes later walks by our table and literally throws a white bag to the back of our table across our friends plate. She says absolutely nothing. We all look at each other. Finally our friend opens the bag and says it is donuts. We didn't order any donuts but see bags on 2 of the other tables dining so we figured it was a NYPD pizza thing. We each try a donut and close the bag. My friend hears her at the booth behind him say "Now I finally got them to the right table". When our check comes, there is $5 for a bag of donuts. By this time I am dying to pee and I am appalled at the rude service I'm getting. (by the way, the cheese was never "put away" the whole time I was there). I left and my boyfriend and friend (from NY) tells the waitress that we didn't order the donuts as he hands her the bag. He said that she THREW the bag back on the table and said "But you ate em", to which he replies "But we didn't order them", and her "But you ate em" again. Like a little child he said later. They ask to speak to the Mngr and sit there for 5 minutes or more waiting. Mngr never comes out. Let me explain that I am a server. I live off of tips. I would have been fired a million times over for almost ANY of the rudeness that I received from this girl. As a server, I normally overtip and so does my boyfriend. This chick would have received a $5 tip for some slices and sodas. When the Mngr never showed, they just left the amount of the check on the table. The pizza was pretty good. The service SUCKED.

Zelda's Cafe & Deli

kohly717 - I love love love this place! The food is great, and they have some unique dishes. The staff is friendly and remembers you when you come back. It's a great place to relax on your lunch break, whether it be inside or out on the back patio. They have a Jamaican band that plays on Fridays and Sundays for dinner. Overall a very nice addition to the Channelside area!

Paninoteca Mediterranean Cafe

shuber53 - The Paninoteca is very small, approximately six tables. The food is very good. I have had several of the panini sandwiches as well as the caprese tomato/mozzarella sandwich. However, because it is so small, the servers continually wipe your table encouraging you to leave as soon as you take your last bite. And on our last vist after being there only 30 minutes, actually requested that we pay and leave as there were people waiting. Paying $12 for a tomato sandwich and a glass of iced tea...I had to leave my tea and pay the bill. Being a steady customer to the restaurant I find these tactics rude, so we will not return.

Red Brick Pizza

ch1029 - It is pretty obvious that rfienes is somehow linked to NYPD. Not very respectable or professional. I can assure you that all of the food is fresh and delicious. It is a beautiful store with a great view of channelside, a fun place to watch a game, great tasting food, a welcoming enviroment and a friendly staff. If this sounds like a nice experience then you will enjoy Redbrick Pizza.

Red Brick Pizza

jonknee - rfienes, you can watch them make the pizza (it's an open kitchen) so they are definitely not frozen. It's perfectly round because they use a press--not the way I make a pie, but that's why they are round. It's not the best pizza I have ever had, but I'll go again if I'm in the neighborhood.

NYPD Pizza of Channelside

rfienes - i agree maryann74. place rocks. never had a bad pie or experience there yet. nice people, very clean, excellent pizza. love the stuffed pie, but it is $25(but worth it)! really good food though. open late with delivery helps too. HUGE menu. they even make burgers now(very good, 9 on 10 scale)

Deck Pizza & Pub

rfienes - not a very nice place. will avoid it in the future. will stick to Sally o"neils or NYPD Pizza. Both have better consistency, quality

Eddie & Sam's New York Pizza

rfienes - they dont use NYC water. dont be stupid. Water is too heavy to ship. the pizza would have to be $50 to make any profit. would you really want NYC tap water in your pizza? Think about it. if it was the water, would'nt every pizza place in NYC be great??? dont be stupid. their pizza is ok. but there are much better in town. frozen pizza from publix comes to mind. place is really dirty, you cant argue with that, right??

Red Brick Pizza

rfienes - place was aweful. little frozen pizza's were so expensive. NYPD Pizza across the street is so much better, much better menu, quality, delivery. no question who wins here. Red Bricks menu was so small too. perfectly round pizza=machine made, probably frozen. no slapping out pizzas here. At NYPD totally different. they have hot girls slapping pizzas there. awesome!!

Smoke Barbecue & Grill

jonknee - I've been several times and have never been disappointed. This is legit BBQ at a really convenient location.

Red Brick Pizza

JFis24 - I ate there and had the rustica which is like a cracker, thin and crispy. It was delicious. The place is great, the food tastes great and it was nice being able to sit and watch the baseball game on one of their big screens.

Bamboozle Cafe

jonknee - I had lunch today and loved it. The chicken noodle salad was delicious, lots of ingredients but still very light. I can see this being a popular spot.

La Creperia Cafe

jonknee - La Creperia is a European Cafe in the middle of Ybor. What a hidden gem. I have gone several times, the latest being this past Sunday. I had the Metro crepe which was a crepe stuffed with eggs, cheese, caramelized onions and green peppers. It was killer. You should definitely check it out.

Spain Restaurant & TOMA Bar

jonknee - Excellent Sangria that also counts for happy hour (2 for 1). I haven't been for the music, but the bar and lunch is excellent.

Carmine's Seventh Avenue

jonknee - I went to Carmine's for lunch today and had quite possibly the worst Cuban sandwich of my life. I didn't think you could get a bad one in Ybor (it's the birthplace of the damn thing), but wow. I sent it back before even trying it because the "pressed Cuban" was cold. A few bites into the barely warm version and I was done. It wouldn't have passed muster at a quickie mart, let alone a sit down restaurant. I complained to the manager and he was only willing to make another sandwich, not comp it. The last thing I wanted was more food from Carmine's. Fail.

Square One Burgers

jonknee - Square One is brand new and may still be finding its groove, but I enjoyed my lunch there today. It reminds me of Burger Bar in Las Vegas, though the Square One burger isn't quite at the same level (yet). I'll definitely be coming back and trying out another meat and topping combination.

Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries

jonknee - The only thing bad I can say about Five Guys is that it sometimes takes a while to get your food (or a parking spot!) because it's so popular. It's best to go with a friend so that you can share one of the monster orders of fries. My favorite toppings are: pickles, fried onions, lettuce, ketchup and sometimes jalapenos.
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