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Anyone remember when the food at Hooters was actually "good"?! Well, I recently visited the Channelside Hooters,treating my Mom to lunch. For Starters,we were sat at a booth that had to be cleaned off after we were seated. Then after about a 5 min wait we placed our orders for two iced teas. Then it gets steadily worse. I had to walk up and ask the hostess to locate our waitress "Kourtney" (#47) after she disappeared form more than 10 minutes. So she is found,then arrives to take our order. Another 15 minutes and we get our food. Basically everything was overcooked and dry. Our entire visit she never asked how we were doing. I had to let her know that we were done,trying to speed her up and asked for a to-go container. We both ate less than half our meals. Which as we all know are Inflated prices. I will say that I always tip at least %20 and this time I was so disappointed that I left nothing in hopes of sending our lousy waitress a message. I usually don't write reviews unless I am either very impressed or completely dissatisfied. I have my receipt # and exact details of our visit if you doubt this reviewers sincerity. Take my advice skip this location,you will save yourself some grief and disappointment.

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