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Local Eater helps you find restaurants in your area (whether that's near home, work or the hotel). Our database is organized by neighborhood which means you won't get a suggestion for a new place across town unless you asked for it.

You're probably hungry, so we get out of your way.

All of our data is freely accessible with just a few clicks. The optional registration process activates a few time saving features (1-click SMS messaging, saved restaurant list, etc) and lets you post reviews for any restaurant in our database. It's pretty useful and well worth the 30 second registration process. But if you're in a hurry, by all means go eat. Just come back afterwards, register, and let everyone know how it was.

We have a lot fewer restaurants than our competitors, so what?

Our database is terrifyingly comprehensive for what it is. We don't do fast food. We don't do huge fast casual chains (that's you Applebee's). We don't try and cover huge areas, just local neighborhoods that have a lot going on. We give a lot of love to our smaller database and have lots of features that our competitors don't. The best part for you is they are all designed to help you find a new place to eat, not to pad our advertising invoices. We hope you like it!

- The Local Eaters

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