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Red Brick Pizza

Tags: Pizza, Lunch, Dinner


375 S 12th St
Tampa, FL 33602


  • Alcohol: Beer, wine
  • Parking: Limited street, paid garage

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Reader reviews

Was this helpful? yes/no Jun 28, 2008 by ch1029
It is pretty obvious that rfienes is somehow linked to NYPD. Not very respectable or professional. I can assure you that all of the food is fresh and delicious. It is a beautiful store with a great view of channelside, a fun place to watch a game, great tasting food, a welcoming enviroment and a friendly staff. If this sounds like a nice experience then you will enjoy Redbrick Pizza.
Was this helpful? yes/no Jun 18, 2008 by jonknee
rfienes, you can watch them make the pizza (it's an open kitchen) so they are definitely not frozen. It's perfectly round because they use a press--not the way I make a pie, but that's why they are round. It's not the best pizza I have ever had, but I'll go again if I'm in the neighborhood.
Was this helpful? yes/no Jun 12, 2008 by rfienes
place was aweful. little frozen pizza's were so expensive. NYPD Pizza across the street is so much better, much better menu, quality, delivery. no question who wins here. Red Bricks menu was so small too. perfectly round pizza=machine made, probably frozen. no slapping out pizzas here. At NYPD totally different. they have hot girls slapping pizzas there. awesome!!
Was this helpful? yes/no Jun 3, 2008 by JFis24
I ate there and had the rustica which is like a cracker, thin and crispy. It was delicious. The place is great, the food tastes great and it was nice being able to sit and watch the baseball game on one of their big screens.

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