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NYPD Pizza of Channelside

i agree maryann74. place rocks. never had a bad pie or experience there yet. nice people, very clean, excellent pizza. love the stuffed pie, but it is $25(but worth it)! really good food though. open late with delivery helps too. HUGE menu. they even make burgers now(very good, 9 on 10 scale)

Deck Pizza & Pub

not a very nice place. will avoid it in the future. will stick to Sally o"neils or NYPD Pizza. Both have better consistency, quality

Eddie & Sam's New York Pizza

they dont use NYC water. dont be stupid. Water is too heavy to ship. the pizza would have to be $50 to make any profit. would you really want NYC tap water in your pizza? Think about it. if it was the water, would'nt every pizza place in NYC be great??? dont be stupid. their pizza is ok. but there are much better in town. frozen pizza from publix comes to mind. place is really dirty, you cant argue with that, right??

Red Brick Pizza

place was aweful. little frozen pizza's were so expensive. NYPD Pizza across the street is so much better, much better menu, quality, delivery. no question who wins here. Red Bricks menu was so small too. perfectly round pizza=machine made, probably frozen. no slapping out pizzas here. At NYPD totally different. they have hot girls slapping pizzas there. awesome!!
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