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NYPD Pizza of Channelside


615 Channelside Dr
Tampa, FL 33602


  • Parking: Valet on weekends, garage across street

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Reader reviews

Was this helpful? yes/no May 14, 2009 by thesilentblade006
I agree with susan63 the service was pathetic. Now my experience wasn't nearly as bad as susans though. When me and my dad first got there there was no "hello welcome to NYPD" or anything that made me feel welcome just "dine in or take out" we sat and and she asked what we want to drink in this monotone "I wish I were somewhere else" kind of voice. We ask our server how long a pie takes to make because we have to catch a movie in a half hour, she tells us 15 min so we ordered sandwiches because we figured they shouldn't take too long to make so I ordered the meatball parmesan and my dad ordered the eggplant parmesan , well we were wrong, it took 15 minutes, and she couldn't even remember who ordered which sandwich WE WERE HER ONLY GUESTS!! and she brought my dad a chicken parmesan and when he tells her that it wasn't what he order she asked "well is it ok anyway" and my dad tells her no and to take it back because he doesn't want it any more and he doesn't want another one because we only have 10 minutes so she takes it away and comes back 2 minutes later to say they're making his replacement sandwich right now. Now you might think I'm being too nit picky about the time but firstly there were only 2 other people in the restaurant and they were finishing their food when we walked in plus these sandwiches were basically bread sauce meat melted cheese I could make it in five minutes and I know they could because they made the replacement in 5 minutes. Both me and my dad finished our soda and she never even offered a refill, at that point my dad just asks for a box we pay and leave. This server had the same monotone "wish I was somewhere else" voice and expression that she started with the entire time we were there, I can honestly say that's the first time I've ever left less than 20% tip and I'm also a server and I'm usually pretty forgiving but that kind of service is unacceptable especially when the restaurant is empty. Overall the taste of the food was good the bread they used was very nice, I feel though it was a bit over priced. So in summary, decent food if a bit expensive for what it is and very bad service.
Was this helpful? yes/no Aug 30, 2008 by susan63
My first experience at NYPD pizza @ channelside. Went with boyfriend & his friend. We were told to sit in the back where there are small booths. I had to use the bathroom but wanted to order first so I pulled a chair up to the small (sits 2 comfortably, 4 not so much) booth we chose. 1st thing waitress says to me is not "Welcome to NYPD pizza" or something inviting to that effect, but was "We normally don't allow you to do that but tonight I don't care". We order and I get up to go to the ladies room. It is locked. I'm standing there waiting for someone to come out and the waitress says "We have the ladies room locked now, but you can use the men's room". There are 2 guys in line for the MEN'S room so I go back to the table to wait (the entire time we are there, there is a line for the MEN'S room, mostly people coming in from out on the street). PS(I see her later take a key back from a female who mentions the ladies room i.e., she could give a friend a key). We order sodas & slices and our friend orders just a slice. She asked if he wanted a soda and he said no, I'm fine. She says "Oh, so you're just gonna wash that slice down with your own spit". We get our pizza (I moved to the booth and put the chair back) and I saw the cheese pourers on a stool like two steps away from our table. I got up and grabbed one and asked the waitress standing there doing side work if it was the cheese. She grabbed it out of my hand and said "We aren't using those any more tonight, I'll have to get you some packets. We have to put those in the cooler at a certain time of night". My intention was to walk two steps, pour some cheese, and put it back. She brings the packets and then abt 2 minutes later walks by our table and literally throws a white bag to the back of our table across our friends plate. She says absolutely nothing. We all look at each other. Finally our friend opens the bag and says it is donuts. We didn't order any donuts but see bags on 2 of the other tables dining so we figured it was a NYPD pizza thing. We each try a donut and close the bag. My friend hears her at the booth behind him say "Now I finally got them to the right table". When our check comes, there is $5 for a bag of donuts. By this time I am dying to pee and I am appalled at the rude service I'm getting. (by the way, the cheese was never "put away" the whole time I was there). I left and my boyfriend and friend (from NY) tells the waitress that we didn't order the donuts as he hands her the bag. He said that she THREW the bag back on the table and said "But you ate em", to which he replies "But we didn't order them", and her "But you ate em" again. Like a little child he said later. They ask to speak to the Mngr and sit there for 5 minutes or more waiting. Mngr never comes out. Let me explain that I am a server. I live off of tips. I would have been fired a million times over for almost ANY of the rudeness that I received from this girl. As a server, I normally overtip and so does my boyfriend. This chick would have received a $5 tip for some slices and sodas. When the Mngr never showed, they just left the amount of the check on the table. The pizza was pretty good. The service SUCKED.
Was this helpful? yes/no Jun 12, 2008 by rfienes
i agree maryann74. place rocks. never had a bad pie or experience there yet. nice people, very clean, excellent pizza. love the stuffed pie, but it is $25(but worth it)! really good food though. open late with delivery helps too. HUGE menu. they even make burgers now(very good, 9 on 10 scale)
Was this helpful? yes/no Feb 3, 2008 by maryann74
awesome place. love the salads. pizza best i have had since leaving New Jersey. try the garlic knots; delicious. the deliver too, pretty quick considering the large menu they have.

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