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I had lunch at this supposed recession priced restaurant on Howard Avenue in Hyde Park. I looked at the menu and everything was priced at $9.99 for lunch which I thought was a little bit pricey for a "less than attractive" and "diner like" atmosphere. I ordered a open turkey sandwich along with a side dish and a drink. The food was less than acceptable, turkey came with some kind of gravy which tasted like it had a beef base to it. I was never asked how my meal was and never offered a refill on my drink. I left very disappointed in the meal, paid $11.79 including tax and left a $2.00 tip begrudgingly and will NEVER return. There are too many restaurants out there that give better quality lunches for a fairer price for me to go there again. VERY POOR and too expensive for this economy even for HYDE PARK.

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