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Cafe Hey

Cafe Hey is a hip indie coffee joint on the outskirts of down. The menu ranges from locally roasted coffee to homemade baked goods to soups and sandwiches. It's different every time you visit and in our minds that's a good thing.

There are a few outside tables which are great when the weather is nice and a couch area inside for lounging. And there's also free WiFi, a must for any indie coffee shop worth its street cred.


1540 N Franklin St
Tampa, FL 33602




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Reader reviews

Was this helpful? yes/no Oct 2, 2008 by hongkongwillie
The cafe with great food, and great ATMOSPHERE, great art
Was this helpful? yes/no Nov 26, 2007 by LARGOTOM
Good place after church for a snack and not because it is one of the few places open on Sundays.
Was this helpful? yes/no Nov 7, 2007 by jonknee
Bravo for fresh scones. I'll be back to use the WiFi.

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