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Bern's Steakhouse

Bern's is Tampa's most famous restaurant and one of the most acclaimed steakhouses in America. Bern's has a very high standard for its ingredients, from organically growing their own vegetables to dry aging prime beef on site.

For wine lovers, Bern's is heaven--the wine list is as think as a novel and the restaurant is said to have 500,000 bottles of wine in storage (in both the cellar that's on site and another cellar near by).


1208 S Howard Ave
Tampa, FL 33606


5-11pm daily


  • Recommended for: Special occasions
  • Alcohol: Beer, extensive wine list, liquor
  • Parking: Valet
  • Reservations: Suggested

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Reader reviews

Was this helpful? yes/no Jan 5, 2008 by jonknee
Bern's has a (mostly valid) reputation for being stuffy, but the secret is to go and sit at the bar. You can get the same great food without having to feel like your grandmother out to dinner. Even better, from the bar you can order a burger which is not actually on the menu. I guess you could call it the secret menu. It's made from the same aged prime beef that Bern's is famous for and is absolutely fantastic. It's reasonably priced too, under $20 with a drink.

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